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When should I be…

….applying to college?

….visiting campuses?

….asking for recommendations?

….applying for funding/aid?

These are probably my most-asked questions – particularly by high school students and their parents. There is no “right” answer, but hopefully this post will give you some insight in to how you should begin your college planning. Remember to this is just a guide – tailor this schedule to your needs and deadlines.

 So remember:

  • Keep an eye out for deadlines – especially those for testing (PSAT, SAT, etc) and for applications

  • Remember to keep all awards and coursework and gather them into a portfolio – these will be used to produce your resume for your applications and to submit with your request for recommendations

  • Meet with your assigned guidance counselor early and often – they possess a lot of knowledge! Take the opportunity whenever you can to check in with them.